The Center for the Study of Data and Knowledge (CSDK) at UVa is a Data Science Institute Center of Excellence devoted to investigating data science as a new form of knowledge. We support data-driven research in the humanities and interpretive social sciences as well as investigations into the history, philosophy, and social impacts of data science, broadly conceived. In pursuit of this mission, we sponsor talks, seminars, grant funding requests, and other opportunities for collaborative research. Our goal is to build a cross-disciplinary intellectual platform to frame and evaluate the complex epistemological issues that arise from the deepening relationship between data technologies and knowledge production as these continue to co-develop within our society.


The CSDK has members from several departments across disciplines, including English, Sociology, and Genomics.

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We sponsor talks and workshops throughout the year. Look here to find what we are doing as well as other activities of related interest.

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Look here for examples of the kind of research we are pursuing. We highlight the research interests of our current members.

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